Exhibitor Services

A glossary and overview of what we can do for you

From rigging and power to plumbing and labor,
see what Prime Electrical and Exhibition Services can do for you!



Amps. Watts. Volts. There’s a lot of information needed to power your exhibit, but it can be hard to provide if you don’t completely understand the jargon.
We’ve got you covered.

More Power 〉〉


Proper lighting literally and figuratively makes your exhibit shine. Not sure how LEDs stack up? Or, the difference between wall mounts and ceiling fixtures?
We’ve got you covered.

More Lighting 〉〉


Sometimes hiring extra support during exhibit setup is required by law, and sometimes it just makes plain sense. Knowing the difference can be tricky.
We’ve got you covered.

More Labor 〉〉
Mdern Maintenance Works Equipment


You’ve got amazing lights and massive signs. Now, how in the world do you get them where they need to be?
We’ve got you covered.

More Rigging 〉〉
Sewer pipes background


Plumbing is critical to the success of many tradeshows and exhibitions but can also present a unique set of challenges.
We’ve got you covered.

More Plumbing 〉〉


Exclusive location? No problem. Make sure you still get the right electrical services at the right price with our consultation services.
We’ve got you covered.

More Consulting 〉〉

Exhibitor Services – it’s what we do 

We pride ourselves on our work. We do whatever it takes to get the job done, and get it done right.